A diamond in the permanent rough

Kinky maths

First things first,
Had my very first happy customer who bought one of my rings, it was a brilliant feeling


I’ve got a few more customers lined up for the next couple of weeks as well, it’s getting real finally!

Next, I’ve finally mastered (well almost) the horrifically delicate art of the single engagement ring


In all honesty, it was an absolute pain in the backside and took me 5 attempts to make it.

Now down to the dirty geeky stuff.
My current project has the title ‘movement’, but obviously I had to take it a completely different route to everyone else cause I like to make things confusing.

I’ve decided to look at the movement and transformation of mathmatical graphs (it’s more interesting than it sounds…. Promise)


This has meant a lot of messing around with this graph app.



Somehow I’ve got it to being a full body harness that replicates the image of one of the graphs I drew up, using leather and brass.


These are just photos of the prototype though, the finished piece won’t be ready for another 5 weeks but it has the essence of what I’m going for in the finished design.
It’s a lot of work but its alright..

Until we meet again


Bridge the divide

Don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard in my life, my fingers are beginning to get too sore to even try the rings!

Following on with the theme of overlap rings, I’ve made another, but this time a lot thinner, smaller and gold.



BUT, what is more exciting is I’ll be selling these ones!

Ill update the page later once I’ve listed them on etsy.



Full circle

Ahhhhh so we meet again…

It’s been a very long while I’ve not been a very good blogger lately after going home for Christmas and getting involved in my latest project in uni as well as planning on starting up selling my jewellery. It’s been pretty hectic I must say!

But I haven’t stopped making things and I thought I’d show them off because, well, why not?!


Well this little gem (no pun intended) is silver 925 set with a half round, cabochon, black agate with a rub over setting. It’s not too shabby


And this one I haven’t stopped wearing is a little cutie too, but it’s just the prototype made from nickel silver.

Ill have the second one and some others ready to sell in the next couple of months so ill it the links up.

Back to work.


Since being told our first real design project is based on the idea of movement, I’ve become very interested in kinesthetic(moving) jewellery.
It has a magic about it and also I like the idea of being able to have something else to fidget with when I’m bored or procrastinating, most likely the latter..

So first up in this moving jewellery adventure that I’m about to take you on is Yael Sonia


The finish and approach to her work is that of a fine jeweller, but the concept behind the pieces is that of a contemporary designer. This is what sets her apart in the jewellery design world.


Her work is most definitely memorable, I’ve never forgotten about it since the first time I saw it last year and I have a terrible memory. Have a look on her website and have a read of some articles written about her to find out more, you’ll be intrigued for sure.

Next on this journey is Claudio Pino, AKA, A genius.




Need I say much more?

Well yes okay, I probably should..
Pino’s kinetic ring collection has an underlying tone of space and science, with gyroscopes and globular shapes. The contrast of colours and the shapes of each of the pieces having a futuristic feel to them without being too overly done. Each one has its own identity and is just as beautiful as the last. Personally I love them all, but especially the double rings, they’re just magical.

Dukno Yoon is who we’ll be visiting next on our little exploration if kinetics.



Yoon explores the idea of moveable sculpture and combines the, together with wearable piece. The rings which move when the finger is bent and raised have a particular elegance about them. They remind me of little metal fairies in the beautiful way of moving and the delicate movement of the wings.


Yoon has even made a wearable, movable wing face piece, marvellous!!

Well my friends, this is the end of our journey for now.

The next and final designer on our journey into kinesthetics is…..


Ill be uploading my final collection the minute it is done, providing it isn’t a complete and utter flop that is.

Adios amigos


I felt like I was back in year 12 chemistry learning about patination and colouration of metal, but it was fun!


Someone’s been a busy bee…

I’ve been AWOL for a while, I do apologise, but it is all in good reason! I have been furiously working away at learning the skills I need to actually become a Jewellery designer.


So obviously made my ring which I’ve already posted, BUT now it’s all polished and beautiful and I’m pretty much in love with it especially since it fits me perfectly.



These are some earrings that I’m still in the process of making from guilding metal but these too I have polished up to look a lot nicer than they previously did as you can see from the insides of them they didn’t look too great before.


And this piece I made for a project called ‘Junk to Jewellery’ obviously, we had to get some junk and make it into jewellery. I chose to use avocado skin because it had the effect of leather and suede and because you can’t really tell from the angle here, I guess I should say it’s a ring too!

A brooch which we made to learn how to do multiple solder joints. This one is made from nickel silver, it’s not a gorgeous design or anything I’d ever work but it’s pretty nice I guess…


Another brooch I’m in the process of making which is an absolute pain to do as so far it’s taken a good 3 days just to get to this point. It has some nickel silver inlay into a sheet of guilding metal. I suggest you never ever do this because you will cry.



So, I’ve now had 3 sessions of workshop skills and today was the first day I’ve made something (almost) complete and I’m ever so proud of it!


If you can’t tell already, it’s a silver ring! All done by hand, even getting the shape of it as well since it originally started out as a square piece of silver wire and all I need to do now is file and polish it! All the hard stuff is done now so I will be churning out rings like no ones business.

I did nearly lose two fingers, but it was 176% worth it