by leahnic

Since being told our first real design project is based on the idea of movement, I’ve become very interested in kinesthetic(moving) jewellery.
It has a magic about it and also I like the idea of being able to have something else to fidget with when I’m bored or procrastinating, most likely the latter..

So first up in this moving jewellery adventure that I’m about to take you on is Yael Sonia


The finish and approach to her work is that of a fine jeweller, but the concept behind the pieces is that of a contemporary designer. This is what sets her apart in the jewellery design world.


Her work is most definitely memorable, I’ve never forgotten about it since the first time I saw it last year and I have a terrible memory. Have a look on her website and have a read of some articles written about her to find out more, you’ll be intrigued for sure.

Next on this journey is Claudio Pino, AKA, A genius.




Need I say much more?

Well yes okay, I probably should..
Pino’s kinetic ring collection has an underlying tone of space and science, with gyroscopes and globular shapes. The contrast of colours and the shapes of each of the pieces having a futuristic feel to them without being too overly done. Each one has its own identity and is just as beautiful as the last. Personally I love them all, but especially the double rings, they’re just magical.

Dukno Yoon is who we’ll be visiting next on our little exploration if kinetics.



Yoon explores the idea of moveable sculpture and combines the, together with wearable piece. The rings which move when the finger is bent and raised have a particular elegance about them. They remind me of little metal fairies in the beautiful way of moving and the delicate movement of the wings.


Yoon has even made a wearable, movable wing face piece, marvellous!!

Well my friends, this is the end of our journey for now.

The next and final designer on our journey into kinesthetics is…..


Ill be uploading my final collection the minute it is done, providing it isn’t a complete and utter flop that is.

Adios amigos