A diamond in the permanent rough

decorate your claws

Make up artist Holly Silius and up and coming jewellery designer Hannah Warner have teamed together to create some pretty amazing pieces of jewellery.
What’s special about these pieces is that they are worn on the nails and are made from solid metal.


They were even featured on the AW12 Mugler runway and have created a storm in the nail art world which has really taken off this year.


The nails were designed using inspiration from nature and raw organic materials, but with Holly’s expertise with positioning of the body and Hannah’s technical skill and creative ability, they’ve created an amazing design team that stretched the boundaries of contemporary jewellery and nail design.


Oxidised silver and the intricate carving looks particularly stunning on these spider web nails


I also like the decadent introduction of emeralds into these gold free form organic structure nails, it adds that extra bit of glam.



These final nails that are so over the top, yet so unbelievably beautiful seem to have been inspired by thistles, especially with the addition of the purple in them too, I’d wear these if I wasn’t too scared I’d scratch my face off.

Now, these nails aren’t cheap as prices range from £40 (around $70) for a single nail and between £200-£500 ($350-800) for a full set, so they are definitely an investment BUT if you love them as much as me and have the money I’d say definitely buy a set because they are stunning and they’re applied the same way as regular false nails so it doesn’t require any special technical appointments to put them on which is a bonus!


We all have to start somewhere

I have officially began my course, and exactly how I wanted to as well, in the workshop cutting sheets of metal into funny shapes and using giant torches to make pieces of guilding metal turn bright red. It was fabulous.
Now, I am currently very bad at it, BUT in eight weeks I should be up and running ready to start making some basic jewellery!
I’ve got a billion ideas buzzing round my head of things I want to make, probably a lot more ambitious than my mere skills will be able to create right now, but also been given a few bespoke designs to do from friends and family which will help me a hell of a lot!
I’m completely absorbed in it already and I haven’t even began to start the really interesting stuff.

Watch this space as I will most definitely be updating on my progress and also I will begin my write ups once again for all you jewellery lovers out there

Adios hombres


J’aime les oeufs

Sorry it’s been quite a while, but I had no idea that moving to a new city would be so much stress! However, I still have time to look through the new issue (it’s more the size of a catalogue) of ‘LOVE’ magazine.


issue 8 autumn winter 2012

While looking through I came across the latest editorial for Faberge jewellery, now I’d never really heard much about Faberge as a fine jewellery company as I always just associate them with their gorgeous decorated eggs, but seeing the eggs translated into wearable pieces has made me fall in love (with eggs)





These were just a couple of my favourites from the huge collection that they have. They’re so dainty and beautiful, yet still have all the detail of the decorative eggs we all know. These ones are only 22mm in height so when you consider how much detail that’s on them it’s astonishing!
Now, they do come with a pretty hefty price tag (all around the £30-£40k+ mark) so I won’t be buying one anytime soon, unless I manage to get Derren Brown to predict the Euromillions numbers for me. Yet, although its a big tag, to be quite honest, I don’t think it’s too bad. Considering the reputation of company and also the unbelievable amount of work that goes into one egg, it’s a pretty reasonable price.
I also love how it makes eggs the new accessory, after all, who doesn’t love eggs?!?! (apart from vegans)

It’s all angles

I’m not sure about you, but I love the look of sharp clean geometric lines. They’re so futuristic and simple yet make my mind go crazy with ideas. It’s a bit silly really that lines can make me think so much, but you can’t help what inspires you…

SO, I looked at two really good examples of geometric jewellery (all in my opinion of course, you might think they’re rubbish) and I wanted to show them to you all 🙂

An Australian contemporary jewellery company called RESINATE, created by Justine Rice. She creates futuristic and colourful geometric pieces that look at a simple 2D line and make it feel like it does have that extra dimension. Take a sneaky peak




Aren’t they fantastic? Click on the link above to see some more, or if you’re too lazy to scroll, click here

Is The Design Division, now, I can’t find a website for this one, so I’ll just show you the pictures. Each piece has been made with steel using a 3D printer to create, what look like, impossible shapes. Shapes are trapped and interlocked to make interesting and intelligent designs.




Hopefully, I’ve sparked a new found interest in geometry for you and I know myself, the ruler is coming out and I am getting designing some gorgeous line things 🙂

I’ll show you if they ever get done!

Hair Jewellery

I came across a charming online jewellery company called ‘RegalRose’, whilst trawling through pictures on instagram a few weeks ago and they have some absolutely gorgeous things that are pretty damn cheap if you ask me! My favourite thing I found though was definitely the AEON. hair rings and I couldn’t go without buying some 🙂
They arrived this morning in cute little package


I couldn’t have been more excited to get experimenting with them after seeing some of their images on their website, like these:



How adorable are they?! They make hair accessorising so much fun and you can get them in either gold or silver in packs of 10, 15 or 20 and they’re not even expensive. I bought 20 rings in silver and they only cost £11 that’s just 55p per ring, how could you say no??

Obviously I had to put them straight in, they’re simple as anything to use, just twist them open, put them where you like then simply twist them shut. It takes about 3 seconds, if that.


I put mine on the inside of my hair to make a little necklace type thing and I felt like I should have been in Avatar they’re brilliant!

If you want some as well you can get them HERE

It’s confirmed..

I’m actually going to university 🙂


So this means that you can definitely keep your eyes peeled for me in the future!


Women are so prevalent in the world of jewellery and I felt like showing some of my favourite independent, female designers as there is some really brilliant stuff out there!


Ayaka Nishi, stunning coral necklace


Vanessa Arthur 925 Silver scaffold necklace


CosaFina fine raw gemstone jewellery, absolutely amazing


Meghann Stephenson fabulous caged crystal necklaces


Christine Sadler makes some absolutely gorgeous engagement rings, traditional with a modern touch


Wendy Brandes simplistic, gorgeous and with a gothic twist

The ones I’ve posted are definitely my favourites, but there are so many more that I could show, but I’ll post another one soon 🙂